Improving Educational Standard

Maestro Oil and Gas believes that education has a key role to play in any society. If the youth must measure up to standard they must have the best education there is to offer.

We know the value of education here and we do not take it lightly not for any reason.

Education Scholarships are provided for funding students’ rewarding careers in different university around the world.


  1. When it is time students apply for the entrance exam where a form is sent to them to fill their preferred University, Choice of study, Report of excellence from anyone in your immediate environment, and Country.
  2. After the entrance exam the top 5 students are selected and Papers and travel documents are processed and Educational grant to see them through the university.
  3. All details should be sent to


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AJOBA FRIMPONG From Ghana (Bournemouth University)

I was introduced to the scholarship programme 2015 and I applied for it. I came out the best for that year. They followed up as promised today I am in my third year in the university studying Accounting all thanks to Maestro Oil and Gas without you life would have been nothing.

FUNKE AFELE From Nigeria (Stranford Univeristy)

I really do not know what to say. Thank you so much Maestro Oil and Gas, I was the best student for 2017. It was all like a dream when I was picked and all my papers were processed completely.

MIKE ARNO From South Africa (Harvard University)

Maestro Oil and Gas is the best thing that has ever happened to me, currently studying in my dream university courtesy Maestro Oil and Gas. I was the winner for 2018. Thanks Maestro.

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