Maestro Oil and Gas was incorporated in Russia in 2014 to operate fully in the oil and gas sector.

The company has since then expanded and diversified to assume leading positions not only in the oil and gas sector, but Power, EPC, Petrochemicals, Aviation, Shipping and Marine businesses. Being a highly innovative company, and desirous to create superior values for stakeholders and partners, the company continue to break new grounds and attain greater heights.

Our corporate vision is to be the world’s bench-mark in oil and gas industry with a mission to provide world-class service delivery to our clients through sound management system, innovation and technology; while ensuring adequate returns to our stakeholders.

Major milestones and record setting achievements have been attained by us. This has given us awards, certificates and recognition both in Russia and internationally.

We remain a leading Russian content player, giving priority in the employment of Russians from various backgrounds. Same attention is also given to goods and services produced in-country. Community issues are well articulated and executed as part of our corporate social responsibility policy.

We believe that this is the way to go if Russia must achieve her vision.

Because we aim to be a world class player, we are happy to be associated with other reputable global players. In this class, what holds sway is Relationship, Integrity, Ethics, Trust and Quality Service.

As a member of Maestro Group, our philosophy and shared values are the hallmark on which our pillars of success are built. The values dear to us are Empathy, Creativity, Passion, Teamwork, Integrity and Excellence.

Our Vision

To be the world’s bench-mark in the Oil & Gas industry.

Our Mission

To provide world-class service delivery to our clients through sound management system, innovation and technology; while ensuring adequate returns to our stakeholders.


Integrity is the bedrock of our existence. We realise that business thrives on honesty. As such, we demonstrate highest level of sincerity in all our actions (both internally and externally).


While subscribing to profit making as a business entity, we remonstrate in strongest terms profit making through unethical means. For us, profit should be made in a legitimate manner.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are the reason for our being in business.We have high regard and respect for them, visitors and colleagues, as a way of fostering greater understanding and friendship.

Investors Relations

The Purpose of the Credit Policy is to ensure that Maestro Oil and Gas

  • Assesses risks associated with customers, business segments and transactions to ensure business is conducted with entities that have acceptable financial risk profiles.
  • Protects its investment in accounts receivable.
  • Optimizes risk reward relationships and minimizes the risk of potential losses from default by customers and partners.

This Credit Policy outlines our company’s strategic and operational requirements from credit sales. A simple Credit Policy with manageable procedures will help build our business on minimum risk sales: these are the sales that are numerous and provide guaranteed profit levels.

The policy is to ensure that everyone within the company understands the working procedure of credit sales, and, of course, to exhibit financial control over a contentious subject. This Policy defines the Credit Business Aims and Procedures where credit is provided to our customers/clients.



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ED, Corporate Service

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